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High Performance Coaching and Leadership Development
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Neutrality Intelligence(C) Focused Workshops

         What can you and your team expect as realistic deliverables and outcomes for having participated in an Inspiring Leadership and High-Performance workshops?
  • Increased capacity to see oneself as a contributor to the greater whole of the system.
  • Increased sense of ownership of role, responsibility, and accountability.
  • Skill-sets that are easily and effectively applied in challenging situations or when crucial or difficult conversations are needed and/or warranted.
  • Increased capacity for consistent and clear communication.
  • Decrease in conflict amongst individuals and teams.
  • Sustained impact.
  • Internal culture shifts.
  • Ongoing return on investment as satisfaction increases and dissatisfaction decreases.
  • Leadership coaching that increases self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-motivation.
  • Reduced leadership variance through a common and identifiable skill-set and language.
  • Enhanced individual performance that inspires team engagement and organizational transformation;     all of which contribute to an impact on societal well-being – does this interest you?

                                       Neutrality Intelligence (C)
Inspiring Leadership and High-Performance Workshop Deliverables

 “Human Intersections”:
Reduce inter-personal/inter-team conflict, while discovering a coherent corporate rhythm.   

 “Leading Authentically”:
Supports demonstration of skills & tools that contribute to effective leadership & trust building.

Creating Extra-Ordinary Results” :
Supports individual & team discovery in how intentional success is created & accomplished.

Identifying the Cultural Matrix”:
Understanding how culture trumps vision and eats strategy for lunch & take actions to shift. 

*The Art, Science, & Practice of 'Conscious Neutrality' "
The art and practice of being the presence of "all is well," conscious neutrality,  in
the midst of life experiences, such as; tension, conflict, & difficult situations or conditions.
    • Neutrality Intelligence Workshops
  •       Are You Ready to Create a Conscious & Intentional Team & Organization?  Here are a few of tools & skill development opportunity available. 

    a. Communication Intelligence: The Art of Empowering Questions & Conscious Conversations
    Are you and your key leaders ready for a workshop that has the capacity to shift the way you talk to each other and all persons in your life?  Have you ever been in conversation and suddenly, it turned crucial - "ugly" - and you wondered what happened. This workshop will provide you with tools & skills to recognize the signs that a conversation is shifting and what to do about it.

    b. Culture Intelligence: Exploring Your Community's DNA
    "Culture Trumps Vision and Eats Strategy for Lunch."  Have you ever gone to a workshop and gleaned great ideas and were so excited to bring them back and initiate the new ideas -- only to have them "fizzle"?  No one would get on board, or the few that would eventually let them go also. What happened?   Engrained CULTURE is what happened. This workshop will provide you with tools to support you in CULTURE IDENTIFICATION and tools to help you and your team leaders begin to shift into a more a dynamic Culture that appreciates change and is willing to do it!

    c.. Vision/Mission Intelligence:  focuses on not just on the board, but on all elements of the organization and how to support a mission focused organizational experience.  

    Mission-Focus occurs when an organization knows who they are, what they believe in and how they reflect these ideals in the world.
    Knowing, however, is not enough!

    There must also be a defined plan for implementation, with S.M.A.R.T. goals and authentic actions, all of which guide the vision, mission, core values, and ideals of the group into expression within the organization and the world. 

    In a mission-focused environment each person is seen to be integral to the whole, has clarity around their agreed upon roles and responsibilities, and accepts a level of accountability for their role; and is willing to hold one another accountable for doing what they said they would do. These activities working in harmony support the creation of an intentional organization.

    d. Abundance Intelligence: 
    This is for anyone experiencing a prosperity challenge of any sort,  and it is NOT your basic clean your closets and sweep out the old, workshop.

           f. Conscious Neutrality Intelligence

    • The art and science of being present and being the presence of all is well. This occurs when foundational Life Principles are practically applied, practiced competently, and “lived” consciously. The synergy of these is the knowing that all is well right here, right now.   
    Are you interested in exploring and discovering how the skill and practice of conscious neutrality can serve you,  and others, in the midst of difficult or tense situations?
    Are you aware that what you put into the space, lives in the space? Would it interest you  to interest you to learn how to recognize what you are putting into the space? Are you aware that you are a meaning-making machine? If any of these ideas spark something in you, then workshop is for you!

    g. Brain Science Intelligence:
             Fundamental to knowing how a system works we are now discovering it is imperative to understand how the brain works and impacts us as we go about interacting with others. This Leading edge workshop will surprise, delight, and inform how you show up in all areas of your life and it will shift how well a team or board works together towards a higher vision and purpose.

            Spirituality-Oriented Workshops:

    There are many of these, this is my favorite. Contact me @ for more information. 
    Soul Evolution
              Based on Charles Fillmore's last major work August 1947 --
             Jesus' Soul Evolution as metaphysically interpreted thru the Synoptic Gospels and based on the seven Initiations of a man named Jesus; a prototype for the spiritual journey.
    The Story of Jesus' Soul Evolution By Charles Fillmore August 1947
                   “The New Testament is a sealed book to one who has no knowledge
    of the laws of mind. It is a secret manual, and reads
    like an ordinary narrative unless one has the key
    that unlocks its hidden meaning.
    Practical Christianity gives us that key…”   
    Charles Fillmore
                Charles Fillmore shares pages of the purest and clearest mystical and metaphysical interpretations of souls evolutionary journey, as revealed through Synoptic Gospels of the New (Christian) Testament. Fillmore weaves in an orderly, progressive fashion a story of soul's unfolding process. Fillmore's interpretations are powerful and they stir the soul with that "thrill of Spirit" that initiates greater growth and awareness. 

          What is in this for you -- or, what can you personally expect from working with this new Fillmore  material (which is awesome) or attending a workshop or retreat?
    1. A banquet of new material that you can put into practical use in your life
    2. New insights into your personal journey and the soul's evolution  -- revealed through the life of the Christ
    3. Personal  shifts as the subconscious is cleansed: -- dreams, insights, clarity, etc.
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