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Materials by Toni G. Boehm:

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Books are availabile in paperback or Kindle format.
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At the bottom of this page you will see that I have created a new CD which has many Unity  wonder-filled books such as the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, The Revealing Word, and many more... it also includes the famous Harsey quotes, the original Unity Correspondence Course and the last major work of Charles Fillmore that describes metaphysically the Soul's Journey. THIS IS AWESOME AND ONLY $25.                                                   
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The Power of YES!

YES! is Your Empowerment System, Your Energetic Source for achieving the desire's of your heart. Discover how to use the power of YES! to create a life filled with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.


Embracing the Feminine Nature of the Divine
  In order for humankind to birth the next phase of conscious evolution, the masculine aspect of God-Energy (Intelligence, Power, Will) must consciously take on a partner, the feminine aspect of God-Energy (Love, Compassion, Intuition). Working together, head and heart, the way for a new paradigm of Integrative Spirituality.

The Spiritual Intrapreneur  
"The Spiritual Intrapreneur is a wellspring of inspiration and universal truth that provides practical tools for tapping the creativity, love, and joy that are our spiritual birthright."
Joan Borysenko


Luminous Darkness 
An archetypal story with familiar and not so familiar "edges and experiences."  This story takes the reader on a journey with the Black Madonna -- therefore -- it comes with a warning -- what you are about to read may change your life!



BE!... A marraige of spirituality and Quantum Truth

One Day ... Reverie, Reflections, and Musings on the cycles of life

Conscious Living... a journey through the soul's evolution as seen through the eyes and heart of Charles Fillmore, Joel Goldsmith, and more!

SYNCHRO-DIVINITY -- are you interested in knowing how the universe is constantly setting you up for success & and how it is happening right before you?

All of these are available for $15.00 + Shipping  please note in note to seller which CD you desire to purchase

This is a DATA CD set up in WORD format for easy search and is available for $25.00 it is valued at $350. retail, with all the books it has on.

Unity Classic Books on CD 

       Revealing Word
       Metaphysical Bible Dictionary
       Books by Charles Fillmore
       Ed Rabel New and Old Testament Interpretation
    and so much more    
22 Unity Classic Books in Word --
$25 -- a little higher price than the other CDs -- but heh, you don't have to carry all those books in your back-pack!   
It also includes the Unity Correspondence Course and The Story of the Soul's Evolution by Charles Fillmore
Both are in their original format (.pdf) but on a CD and the UCC material has all the original Auxilliary Information included -- which the WORD copy does not.  
This material is now incorporated into the Unity Classic CD mentioned above!

CD's by Toni G. Boehm

All of these CD's are available for $15.00 + Shipping  please note in note to seller which CD you desire to purchase


Head to Heart
It is said that the longest journey we ever take is the one from the head to the heart. This CD helps you center your attention in your heart and open yourself to new awareness' and intuitive guidance. 

The Art of Praying Dangerously

Are you ready to move to the next level of prayer? Do you know what it means to pray dangerously? Are you ready to discover a new way of praying? This is both a meditation and teaching CD.

Prosperity: Source and Substance
Based on Charles Fillmore's Unity Correspondence Course this CD's content is a powerful initiation into the divine idea behind prosperity.

 I Am Forgiving/The Butterfly in You
Do you have someone in your life that you are holding a grudge against or that you have not forgiven? Are you ready for some practical tools that will help support you in the releasing of past hurts and wrongs? 

 The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic
This is not just about what did Jesus really say, but in this CD I chant the prayer in Aramaic and  teach you how to do so also. This is a sweet and power-filled CD which has touched the hearts of thousands of people.

Feminine Voices: The Women Who Live in Our Cellular Memories
Merlin Stone writes, "At the very dawn of religion God was a woman. Do you remember?" This is a one woman play, written by guess who, and depicts the journey into the heart of the divine in a humorous, playful, and heartful way.

Meditations by Toni G. Boehm

Living the Mystery
       Life is sacred and it is a mystery to be lived. Live for the questions   
       not the "right" answers or the need to be right. 

Other Important and Valuable "Stuff":

       Friends, as a result of a mystical spiritual experience several years I recommited my self to the original teachings of Charles Fillmore. In doing so I was guided to take Fillmore's writings -- those that have been out of print or not previously published -- all with Unity's permission, of course -- and to begin to type or have them typed in WORD Format. It felt like it was time that these writings and classes be made available to the general public.
This has been a true labor of love and has personally changed me at depth. I owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Fillmore and his teachings for they have impacted my life in a grand and glorious way. The following a list of the works of Charles Fillmore and Ed Rabel that are available in WORD and on a single data CD.
1. Unity Correspondence Course (UCC) in WORD-
       18 lessons of the original UCC course - all ministers and serious students had to complete this course of study. The 1917 version, is  a systematic, clear, and orderly process of spiritual mind development, fouded and grounded in the Creative Mind process. 
2. 22 Unity Classic books on CD in WORD
    This CD is chock full of great classic Unity books in WORD; it has the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, Revealing Word, 12 Powers, Lessons in Truth and on and on.   

3. UCC Preparatory and Advaced Lessons Facilitation Gluide (for teachers, ministers, etc.)
        Unity Correspondence redesigned into a Facilitation Guide, nothing of Fillmore's original 
4. The Story of Jesus' Soul Evolution
     Using the Synoptic Gospels Charles Fillmore, creates a linear process and progress of Soul Evolution as experienced by Jesus as he awakened into the fullness of the Christ consciousness -- just as we are doing
5. The 4th Dimension  and The Holy Spirit and Its Work in Man: 
     Charles Fillmore, each a series of 12 lessons now available in WORD
6. Ed Rabel's Old and New Testament Interpretation: 
    Based on a year long class Ed taught to the Ministerial class in 1974

7. Conscious "Living"  : 
      a book by Rev. Toni G. Boehm based on the UCC and JSE (#5) works

Spiritually-Oriented Workshops

The Art of Conscious Neutrality:

Definition of Conscious Neutrality: 
    • The art and science of being present and being the presence of all is well. This occurs when foundational Truth Principles are practically applied, practiced competently, and “lived” consciously. The synergy of these is the knowing that all is well right here, right now.   

All of my Books are in workshop format and I also create experiences for:

Womens Retreats
Prayer Retreats

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