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                                                         Toni G. Boehm, Ph. D.
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Toni G. Boehm, Ph.D., P.C.C.

 Certified Professional Organization & Life Coach,Author, Nurse, & Minister

Neutrality Intelligence(C) Courses       
     Conscious Neutrality(C) Intelligence
            Communication Intelligence
             Leadership Intelligence
            Brain Science Intelligence
              Abundance Intelligence
           Sacred Service Intelligence
       Spiritual & Emotional Maturity Intelligence
            Organizational Intelligence
             (Culture, Vision/Mission/Core Values, Accountability,
                   Essential Elements of Leadership Skills)
     Courses can be adapted to workshop, keynotes,   seminars, retreats, & more: w/ various time lengths 

Dear Toni, Thank you! Our board training was so much more than I ever anticipated...I feel energized and exited about our future... you were instrumental in changing my perspective. So great to be coached by a great coach!    L.L.


         Who AM I?

 That is a deep question which would involve a one-on-one conversation, so will you be satisfied with me sharing what I have accomplished thus far in this short-span called my life!

 It is said that I, Toni G. Boehm, am an inspirational and dynamic coach, workshop facilitator, and speaker. I am certified as an organization and life coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and hold a certificate for Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence through Case Western Reserve University.

Add to that list, a master-prepared nurse practitioner, 
poet, author, and that I am known for my passionate teaching style and expert facilitation of classes on leadership skill development, personal empowerment and transformation -- and WOW! You have got to admit that sounds good! 

        I have had the privilege of holding management and leadership roles for more than 40 years (say it isn't so). I have served in management at the world headquarters of Hallmark Cards, Inc., American Nurses Association, Unity Worldwide Headquarters, and Unity Worldwide Ministries.  
       But, alas all good things must end, and especially when one gets the nudge from a Higher Source and is willing to listen. So now, I am what you might call in sacred service to many: through the expansion of conscious awareness of leadership skills, peace skills development, emotional intelligence and maturity development, and through providing practical application tool for these teachings. I weave throughout all the work I do my passion as a coach.   

        Several years ago, I was appointed the national co-ordinator for Peace Skills Development and Transition Support, for a large non-denominational group and I love it.
       Peace begins within each individual and I provide tools and skill-sets from which a person or team can choose to express those skills and be the presence of peace, or not!
       Does this seem that is it is all about me? Oh, well, you are here and I guess it is -- so let me continue for another moment. I just completed a contract as an executive management leadership coach for a large hospital system here in Kansas City.  
     As if any of this makes any difference! It still doesn't define who I am; but I know there are some to whom it makes a difference.
     So for those who want more --  here goes -- I hold certifications as an Emotional Intelligence Coach for Inspiring Leadership, a Peace Skill Consultant, a Transition Support  Consultant, a Spiritual Intelligence Coach, Healthy Congregations Facilitator and am a ICF certified professional coach for organizations and individuals!   
     Whew!  When did I have time to do all that? 
   Additionally, as a research consultant UWM I researched the best standards of practice  and the research is included in The Thriving Ministry Model for a large non-denominational Ministry group. 
        During my career -- which is comprised of many years -- I held various and sundry executive positions. At Hallmark, Clinic Director; at A.N.A. was Sr. Staff Specialist for Accreditation & Credentialing; at Unity Worldwide Headquarters: Dean of Administration/Unity School of Religious Studies & Unity Institute; Director/Strategic Initiatives; Vice President/ Education; Vice President/Retreats; and a member of Unity’s Executive Leadership Team.

     In what feels like my youth, but was really just a decade or two ago I was elected for two terms of service -- during my nursing career -- by my peers to a Director seat on the Missouri State Board of Nursing. and as a consultant to the Board of Madonna Ministries International.

Throughout the years I have mentored and coached over two  hundred boards and leadership teams and have spoken at over 300 various venues. 

         Yes, I have taught, internationally (had to say that someone will be interested in knowing and now, after reading this, might consider myself an over-achiever.
       I love to coach and facilitate classes and seminars --   See columns to the right.
Through my workshops, participants discover skills necessary for living their lives from their highest innate potential. 

       Are we done yet? I, myself just took a breath and wondered when this will be complete -- and there are those who really enjoy looking at all this so I want to oblige!
   Oh did I mention that I happen to be a prolific author. Yes, there are numerous published articles and the following seven books:
*The Spiritual Intrapreneur       
*One Day My Mouth Just Opened  
  *Luminous Darkness        
*Embracing the Feminine Nature of the Divine
*The Power of YES!               
*The Power of “BE!
*Conscious “Living”

What is the bottom line: who AM I really? One person desiring to make a difference in the world through inviting people into discovery of their innate potential and possibilities.
        So, please, in regards to all of that stuff written above -- please know that I would rather be known for the simple little paragraph above!

 This is me! 
Click this link to see something really cool that a friend did for me. I love it, of course it is about yours truly!  

It expresses professionalism and playfulness -- just like the website --   and just like me!


My Personal Vision:
I am midwife for the birthing of the    soul's remembrance.

My Mission:
To awaken awareness through
conscious neutrality;
        knowing the world changes             
one person at a time. 

Friend, If you are here perusing the site and have any questions, please let me hear from you.

You can contact me for information regarding Coaching, Workshops, etc.
Use the email and number listed below!   
 Call me or send an email. Thanks.

Interested in -- a positive path to spiritual living go to and check it out! Unity is home to the Daily Word.


Academy of Leadership Excellence

High Performance Coaching & Leadership
Team Development

“Coaching to Possibility
and the Yes’ of life!”


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Lake Winnebago
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(816) 537-7521 (H)
(816) 304-3044 (C)  

“Management is about coping with complexity; Leadership is about
coping with change.”   
John P. Kotter 

 “Ultimately the real purpose of organizational development is to align and galvanize the intentions   of each individual involved around the same purpose.”   
Richard Barrett

      Imagine your organization and/or team receiving support that inspires and leverages their innate power of leadership to achieve what matters most to them; both professionally and personally. Imagine seeing results that have the capacity to not only be measurable, but also have a sustained impact.   

      A dream? “No!” This is a living reality created through the use of easily learned and identifiable, emotionally intelligent and coachable “soft” skill-sets. Hard skill-sets are the knowledge of one’s specific job assignment, soft-skill-sets enhance work performance through developing and heightening interpersonal skills and awareness;  and they can be effectively utilized across all departments and levels of employees, regardless of educational background and/or work function.

      Is your goal to support individual development, enhance team performance, increase current productivity, decrease inter-team conflict, coach towards extraordinary results, or create organizational transformation? 

       High Performance workshops, held at the location of your choice, can be tailored to meet your time requirements and to support you in creating your desired deliverables/outcomes. Individual coaching, is also, offered via Skype and/or telephone. See Boehm's Workshop Page for more details.

Neutrality Intelligence(C) 
Conscious Neutrality:
  a work for our time 

 Coaching to Possibility
and the Yes' of life!

      (816) 304-3044 (c)         (816) 537-7521 (h/o)

 Toni G. Boehm, M.S.N., Ph.D., P.C.C.

 Toni G. Boehm is an international, inspirational and dynamic speaker, author, certified organization and  life coach, nurse, and poet. She is known for her expert and passionate facilitation of workshop experiences.

2017 Recipient of the Charles Fillmore    
Life Time Achievement Award for
Visionary Leadership


    Leadership Development Coach: Research Medical Hospital Executive Nursing Staff

National Coordinator Peace Skills Development

Consultant and Leadership Trainer

Research Medical Hospital Executive Nursing Staff

Unity South Central Regional Consultant for Boards and Leadership

300 boards worked with

Curriculum development and research provider for best standards of practice

Academy of Coaching Excellence Licensed Seminar Leader

Sr. Staff Specialist for Credentialing American Nurses Association

Nurse Practitioner and Interim Director of Nursing

Certified Organizational and Individual Life Coach

Boehm has spoken nationally and internationally. She has worked with over 150 boards and issues that commonly “plague” all organizations.


P.C.C., professional certified coach: International Coaching Federation

Organizational Coach & Licensed Academy Trainer: Academy of Coaching Excellence

Spiritual Intelligence   Coach

Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence: Case Western University


International Headquarters - Hallmark Cards, Inc.: Wellness Clinic Director

International Headquarters - American Nurses Association: Sr. Staff Specialist,

Accreditation and Credentialing

Vice President Education at a Kansas City Seminary

Missouri State Board of Nursing – elected for two terms

National coordinator for the American Nurses Association annual conference.

   Leadership Development Coach: Research Medical Hospital Executive Nursing Staff


Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Education: Ottawa University

Family Nurse Practitioner: University of Kansas

Masters of Science in Nursing: University of Missouri

Ph. D. in Religious Studies: Emerson University

Academy of Coaching Excellence: International Coaching Federation (P.C.C.)

Awards and Achievements:

University of Missouri’s Woman's Council Award for Outstanding Master’s Thesis Research

Master’s thesis on stress in executives was selected for presentation at John Hopkins Hospital Annual Medical Symposium 

Marquis' Who's Who in American Women and Who’s Who in America.

Author of seven books and multiple CD’s

Published continuously for over 30 years

2014 U.W.M Volunteer of the Year Award

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