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Where are we going and where are we going so quickly? 2020 is fast approaching and so is a new field of energy or grid of energy. Do you notice the changes?  I dont’ know about you, but my life feels like it is happening at warp speed. It feels as if I am in the midst of a spiritual tsunami. If you are interested in classes that can and will you support you in moving through this time with grace and ease, please join my mailing list. 

Toni G. Boehm, Ph.D., PCC

Awakening Awareness Within

Toni G. Boehm, Ph.D., PCC

As a Certified Professional Organization & Life Coach, Author, Nurse Practitioner, Ordained Minister, & Master Energy Facilitator I support individuals, teams, boards, organizations, & ministries with the following alchemically transformative experiences: 


 Neutrality Intelligence(C) Courses   


Conscious Neutrality(C) Intelligence              

Communication Intelligence               

Leadership Intelligence  Brain Science Intelligence 

            Abundance Intelligence   

          Sacred Service Intelligence  

       Spiritual & Emotional Maturity Intelligence 

    Organizational Intelligence     

Culture Exploration,Vision/Mission/Core Values, 


Essential Elements of Leadership Skills

Transitional Work In Ministry  

Soul Mastery & Mastering Abundance

Courses can be adapted to workshop, keynotes, seminars, retreats, & more:

 w/ various time lengths  


Dear Toni, Thank you! Our board training was so much more than I ever anticipated...

I feel energized and exited about our future... 

you were instrumental in changing my perspective. 

So great to be coached by a great coach!    L.L.  

Click this link to see something really cool that a friend did for me. 

I love it, of course it is about yours truly  It expresses professionalism and playfulness -- just like the website --   and just like me!

My Personal Vision:
I am midwife for the birthing of the soul's remembrance.

 My Mission:
To awaken awareness through
 conscious neutrality; knowing the world changes one person at a time.
    Friend, If you are here perusing the site and have any questions, 

please let me hear from you.

You can contact me for information regarding Coaching, Workshops, etc. Use the email and number listed below!  Call me or send an email. Thanks.

Who Am I?

Resume -- What Mark Have I Made On the World?

Coaching to Possibility and the Yes' of life! 

(816) 304-3044 (c)  (816) 537-7521 (h/o)

Toni G. Boehm, M.S.N., Ph.D., P.C.C. 

Toni G. Boehm is an international, inspirational and dynamic speaker, author, certified organization and  life coach, nurse, and poet. She is known for her expert and passionate facilitation of workshop experiences.  

2017 Recipient of the Charles Fillmore Life Time Achievement Award for Visionary Leadership 


Leadership Development Coach: Research Medical Hospital Executive Nursing Staff 

National Coordinator Peace Skills Development Consultant 

Leadership Trainer Research Medical Hospital Executive Nursing Staff

Unity South Central Regional Consultant for Boards and Leadership Teams 

I have worked with over 300 boards . Created a Board and Leadership Curriculum that is used both nationally and internationally. 

Academy of Coaching Excellence Licensed Seminar Leader

Sr. Staff Specialist for Credentialing American Nurses Association 

Nurse Practitioner and Interim Director of Nursing 

Professional Certified Organizational and Individual Life Coach through International Coaching Federation, which the premier credential for coaches.

I have spoken nationally and internationally and worked with over 150 boards and issues that commonly “plague” all organizations.


P.C.C., professional certified coach: International Coaching Federation 

Organizational Coach 

Academy of Coaching Excellence Licensed Trainer


Spiritual Intelligence Coach  

Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence: Case Western University

Life-Time Achievements

Life-Time Achievements


International Headquarters - Hallmark Cards, Inc.: Wellness Clinic Director 

International Headquarters - American Nurses Association: Sr. Staff Specialist, Accreditation and Credentialing, Developing Best Standards of Practice. 

Dean & Vice President Education Unity School for Religious Studies/Unity Institute 

Missouri State Board of Nursing – elected for two terms. 

National coordinator for the American Nurses Association annual conference.   


Leadership Development Coach: Research Medical Hospital - Executive Nursing Staff 


Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Education: Ottawa University 

Family Nurse Practitioner: University of Kansas 

Masters of Science in Nursing: University of Missouri 

Ph. D. in Religious Studies: Emerson University 

Ph.D. in Religious & Feminine Studies American University

Academy of Coaching Excellence: International Coaching Federation (P.C.C.)

Awards and Achievements: 

University of Missouri’s Woman's Council Award for Outstanding Master’s Thesis Research Master’s thesis on stress in executives was selected for presentation at John Hopkins Hospital Annual Medical Symposium 

 Marquis' Who's Who in American Women and Who’s Who in America. 

Author of many books and multiple CD’s. 

Published continuously for over 30 years

2014 U.W.M Volunteer of the Year Award

2017 Recipient of Charles Fillmore Award for Visionary Leadership

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Academy of Leadership Excellence


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