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How to Purchase ALL the Books & CDs — & Mastering Abundance & Workbook!

Are you ready to experience a life filled with abundance and luminosity? 

Are you interested in discovering the 4 Elements of Intentional & Conscious Creation? Does the exploration of how the various constructs & thought-forms of  3rd, 4th, 5th dimension & higher effect your conscious awareness of & influence your abundance consciousness -- entice you? 

To Purchase ANY of my books & CDs, including Mastering Abundance Book or Mastering Abundance: The Workbook you can order directly from me, or from  Amazon. 

If you are purchasing one book, going to Amazon is the first choice.  

PLEASE, order ONLY the PRIME version of the book (DO NOT order ANY USED they are old versions and DO NOT contain the latest information -- Thanks)

Otherwise, please order directly from me.  

Search for either Mastering Abundance or Toni Boehm

Please note: The Workbook cover on Amazon looks slightly different  than the book and does NOT have all the content of the book. It does have all the Attunement and Exercises in large print. Each is sold separately.


Larger quantities for ANY of my books for classes, etc., may be ordered directly from me (receive a 20% discount for orders over 10)  choose one of the following ways to order your book/s:

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call 816-304-3044.        


Please provide your name, address, email, or other contact information, what books or CDs you desire to order, the number you desire, what payment method you will use. You will be contacted for your payment information. 

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All the books I offer are also available on Amazon Kindle. 


Mastering Abundance books are $20. each, all other books and CDs are $15.each

(except Unity Data Classics CD is $25. & Soul Mastery is $50.). 

Add $5. s&h for up 3 items. Over 3  add $10. s&h

*Mastering Abundance, as well as Leadership Skills Development, Soul Mastery, Soul Evolution, etc. are available in a workshop at your sight or in a ZOOM class format. 

See Boehm's Workshop Page for more details or use Contact Information on Home Page to connect with me.   


Reminder: For all transactions, please provide your name, address, email, or other contact information, what books or CDs you desire to order, the number you desire, what payment method you will use. You will be contacted for your payment information. 

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Other Books & CDs

Purchase Books & CDs

Available to purchase through PayPal, safe and secure.  See PayPal Button link at bottom of page and refer to directions  under the Mastering Abundance Section.

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All books  are available on Amazon Kindle, however, to order hardcopies follow the directions as shared.

Be sure to let us know what book/s or CDs you are ordering, how many you want, and your address. Mastering Abundance books are $20. each, all other books and CDs (except for Unity Classics - $25.) are $15. each. Plus $5. s/h for up 3 items. Over 3 plus add $10. s/h   Or, go to  on a separaate webpage and follow the same process.


The Power of BE!

Playtime is over, my friend! We are here to BE! To BE intentional, clear, transparent, authentic, & so much more BUT we must BE willing to CLAIM it! BE is a power-filled & unique message on the "marriage" of quantum concepts and spiritual principle  -- and how to live them in the world!

The Power of YES!
YES! is Your Empowerment System, Your Energetic Source for achieving the desire's of your heart. Discover how to use the power of YES! to create a life filled with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.

Embracing the Feminine Nature of the Divine
In order for humankind to birth the next phase of conscious evolution, the masculine aspect of God-Energy (Intelligence, Power, Will) must consciously take on a partner, the feminine aspect of God-Energy (Love, Compassion, Intuition). Working together, head and heart, the way for a new paradigm of Integrative Spirituality.

Luminous Darkness    An archetypal story with familiar and not so familiar "edges and experiences."  This story takes the reader on a journey with the Black Madonna -- therefore -- it comes with a warning -- what you are about to read may change your life! 

The Spiritual Intrapreneur  
"The Spiritual Intrapreneur is a wellspring of inspiration and universal truth that provides practical tools for tapping the creativity, love, and joy that are our spiritual birthright."
Joan Borysenko


.. A marriage of spirituality and Quantum Truth. Are you interested in knowing how the universe is constantly setting you up for success & and how it is happening right before you? 

One Day ... Reverie, Reflections, and Musings on the cycles of a woman's llife

Conscious Living... a journey through the soul's evolution as seen through the eyes and heart of Charles Fillmore, Joel Goldsmith, and more!

All of these are available for $15.00 + Shipping  please note in note to seller which Book  you desire to purchase

CD -- $25.  -- Unity Classic Books on CD          

Revealing Word        Metaphysical Bible Dictionary        Books by Charles Fillmore                     

Ed Rabel New and Old Testament Interpretation and so much more.     

Unity Classic Books in Word -- $25 -- a little higher price than the other CDs for this is a DATA CD set up in WORD format for easy search. It is available for $25.00 & is valued at over $350. retail, with all the books & articles it has on.

It also includes the Unity Correspondence Course and The Story of the Soul's Evolution by Charles Fillmore, his last seminal work.

Other CDs by Toni G Boehm

All of these CD's are available for $15.00 + $5. Shipping  please note in note to seller which CD you desire to purchase.

Head to Heart
It is said that the longest journey we ever take is the one from the head to the heart. This CD helps you center your attention in your heart and open yourself to new awareness' and intuitive guidance. 

The Art of Praying Dangerously
Are you ready to move to the next level of prayer? Do you know what it means to pray dangerously? Are you ready to discover a new way of praying? This is both a meditation and teaching CD.

Prosperity: Source and Substance
Based on Charles Fillmore's Unity Correspondence Course this CD's content is a powerful initiation into the divine idea behind prosperity.

 I Am Forgiving/The Butterfly in You
Do you have someone in your life that you are holding a grudge against or that you have not forgiven? Are you ready for some practical tools that will help support you in the releasing of past hurts and wrongs? 

 The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic
This is not just about what did Jesus really say, but in this CD I chant the prayer in Aramaic and  teach you how to do so also. This is a sweet and power-filled CD which has touched the hearts of thousands of people.

Feminine Voices: The Women Who Live in Our Cellular Memories
Merlin Stone writes, "At the very dawn of religion God was a woman. Do you remember?" This is a one woman play, written by guess who, and depicts the journey into the heart of the divine in a humorous, playful, and heartful way.

Meditations by Toni G. Boehm

Living the Mystery
       Life is sacred and it is a mystery to be lived. Live for the questions   
       not the "right" answers or the need to be right.